A comparison of benjamin franklin and thomas edison

Get Access Speech in Convention Benjamin Franklin summary The chaperones assumed the responsibility for making sure that Franklin did not publicize the details of the debates 39 of the AS delegates had served in the Continental Congress, and were well aware of the restrictions placed on the national government by the Articles of Confederation.

A comparison of benjamin franklin and thomas edison

She also had a very comfortable house built in Philadelphiabased on ideas the two of them had discussed. In letters to Ben she referred to it as his house, but she oversaw the construction and furnishing, as well as keeping up with safely receiving any household goods he sent from Europe.

She would never live in this house with her husband, however. In the winter of Deborah suffered a stroke and a slow decline set in. Ben Franklin was notified, but did not return from Englandeven though his children kept him informed of her condition and her letters to him clearly indicated her poor health.

Perhaps the years apart and the immediacy of his surrogate family in London his landlady Margaret Stevenson and her daughter Polly kept Franklin from being concerned about Deborah as much as one would expect.

In December of Deborah Franklin died, having been apart from her husband continuously for the better part of a decade.

A comparison of benjamin franklin and thomas edison

All in all, they spent about seventeen out of forty-four years on separate sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Distance and very different destinies did not weaken the sibling bond, however.

They were dedicated letter writers. Jane died four years after her brother. She was fifteen when she married Edward Mecom, a neighbor eight years her senior. As a younger daughter of a large family she did not have much to bring to the marriage and her life with Edward Mecom was fraught with economic and emotional difficulty.

She bore twelve children over a period of twenty-one years; she outlived her husband and eleven of her children. Three babes died before their first birthday.

Two sons suffered from disabling mental illness in adulthood. Grandchildren gave her headaches and heartache. Her life was not easy.

Her life was not atypical of eighteenth century colonial women. A source of joy for Jane Mecom was the correspondence between herself and her brother.

It provided emotional support for both of them and created a lifelong bond that weathered physical separation, the upheaval of the Revolutionary War, and the challenges of old age. It is thought that the first letter Ben Franklin wrote to his sister was to congratulate her upon her marriage and let her know he was sending a spinning wheel for a present.

And, since this was, after all, Benjamin Franklin, he concluded with a few words of advice, this time on the virtue of modesty. Jane kept her brother informed of family news—the health of parents and siblings, the joys and sorrows of numerous nieces and nephews.

Off would go a letter to his sister in Boston—is this family related to us? As the siblings aged he provided more and more financial assistance to Jane—paying for her winter firewood, for example, or assisting with housing costs. He also valued her practical knowledge. A recurring theme in the letters was the recipe and production of crown soap.

In Ben Franklin wrote to his sister from London asking her to send him the directions for this soap. She even included a diagram illustrating how the mold should be constructed and used. Six months after his initial request trans-Atlantic mail service was slow and unreliable in those days Ben wrote to thank her.

Some future branch may be the better for it. I shall have an Opportunity of obliging some Friends with it, who very much admire the little Specimens I have been able to give them.

Throughout the spring of that year additional letters were exchanged on the topic of crown soap. Franklin received a shipment from his sister that was crumbly. A result of cold weather he wonders? His daughter melted down the crumbs and remolded the soap.Discover Benjamin Franklin famous and rare quotes.

Share inspirational quotes by Benjamin Franklin and quotations about liberty and 4th of july. Thomas A.

Edison Inventor. Jonathan Edwards Preacher. Samuel Adams Founding Father of the United States. Patrick Henry Governor of Virginia. Isaac Newton Physicist.

What is the differences and similarities between thomas Edison and ben Franklin

Charles-Augustin de Coulomb. This picturebook focuses primarily on Benjamin Franklin’s inventions which originated over two centuries ago and how useful they remain up to the present time, albeit of .

showed last 75 words of total interested in electricity, were both scientist and inventors, both improved the world) between Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison along with their differences (family valves, Benjamin involved in politics world, Thomas involved in social world), wrapping up with how the two scientists are more similar then different. Thomas Edison was an inventor, scientist, and businessman. He was born on February 11, in Milan, Ohio and died on October 18, in West Orange, New Jersey by complications of diabetes. Benjamin Franklin was one of our nation’s founding fathers and one of its most ingenious inventors.

Edison vs Tesla comparison. While Thomas Edison is known for several inventions (including the light bulb), he was also an astute businessman who was able to commercialize inventions and turn them into viable businesses. Nikola Tesla was just the opposite -- a prolific inventor who d.

May 15,  · Famous inventors have helped shape the course of human history. Visit HowStuffWorks to learn all about famous inventors. his name doesn't carry the weight it once did during his famous battles with Thomas Edison.

What was this eccentric genius like? Top 10 Ben Franklin Inventions. Between running a print shop, engineering the. Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, and Thomas Jefferson all had similar values and ideas about America concerning politics and its economy.

They all also had a knack for getting people to follow them. Benjamin Franklin, who had only died about 30 years before William Cullen Bryant wrote To Cole, the Painter, Departing for Europe, seemed to. Benjamin Franklin was the first Postmaster General of the United States. He was also a founder of the University of Pennsylvania and started the first public library in America.


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