An introduction to the analysis of the super predators

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An introduction to the analysis of the super predators

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A given food can and will have multiple names — e. Remember the above is ranked table is by alphabetical order. Not many of them have had their exact percentages determined, which makes a list ranked by lowest concentration or potency impossible as of today.

An introduction to the analysis of the super predators

For example with tree nuts, the dietary issues tend to revolve around their high phytic acid content and allergy-producing proteins. Most research suggests their lectin content is not pro-inflammatory or causing other effects in humans.

If you want to blame nuts for weight gain, it looks like that will fall squarely on their their high fat and calorie characteristics. You will hear many health bloggers advocating for an anti-lectin or lectin free diet.

Because these sugar-binding proteins are found in everything you eat, to at least some degree. In short, that makes lectin free eating impossible.


Especially since some types are not destroyed by heat or gastric acids more on that below. Some types appear to have no effect in humans, while others may be inflammatory or even deadly.

It is a lectin found in castor beans. Just an isolated speck of it might be all it takes to kill you. What about their beneficial effects? Any buzz you may hear is that lectins are really bad for you.

That their intolerance makes you fat or has inflammatory side effects. What they often fail to mention is that depending on the type, they can have a neutral effect — not being bad or good — or even offer benefits for human health True, many are dangerous to humans, but many are beneficial and actually necessary for our survival.

Without your gut flora, you would not be able to digest nutrients and would die. Common sense tells us that if their consumption was entirely bad for us, then no one — humans or animals — would have them in literally everything they eat.

Why they affect us differently The rationale for how lectins work the way they do is actually quite brilliant. As a human, if you were designing them for your own body, your goal would probably be to make them harmless for your species, but toxic to all other life forms who may want to feed off or eat you.

That would be the best approach to ensure your survival, right? Well, if you designed your lectins that way and each species did the same for theirs, what would be left to eat on this planet? We would all be toxic to one another! On the flip side, being edible to everyone is having the pendulum swing too far in the other direction.

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If the berries on a bush could be eaten by every animal and insect, then how would it ever survive? It might not, because it would have a bullseye on it from every species who encountered it.

Now you have a balance. The life of the bush is protected from most, but its life is extended to some as a food source. No one can know why God works the way God does, but this theory is the best we can come up with using our very limited human minds. Within the past several decades, science has gained much greater understanding of the biological differences within the same species.

Differences not believed to exist previously, or thought of as rare genetic mutations, or perhaps fringe theories concocted by rogue minds.Presentations for the classroom in a unique timeline format.

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PARAMECIUM (Everything you need to know about paramecium.) WHAT IS A PARAMECIUM? A paramecium is a small one celled (unicellular) living organism that can move, digest food, and reproduce.

They belong to the kingdom of Protista, which is a . , more juvenile super-predators on the streets than there were in ” (p. 1).

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DiIulio based his projection of , on two factors. First, he ) analysis showed that the homicide rates among juveniles, the numbers of gun homicides, and the arrest rates of nonwhite juveniles for drug offenses all doubled in the late s and.

Feb 26,  · All Sightings of The Predator (canon species name, Yautja) from Predator ()Monster Analysis is a series that lets you get a good look at all those money shots you go to the cinema for. The Coming of the Super-Predators. We’re talking about kids who have absolutely no respect for human life and no sense of the make no mistake.

While the trouble will be greatest in. The introduction of a new predator can have the species eaten withno time to evolve to defend against it.

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