An introduction to the life of benjamin banneker

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An introduction to the life of benjamin banneker

Later, their daughter did likewise, and gave birth to Benjamin in Banneker attended an elementary school run by Quakers one of the few "color-blind" communities of that time ; in fact, he later adopted many Quaker habits and ideas.

As a young man, he was given a pocket-watch by a business associate: Famous as the first clock built in the New World, it kept perfect time for forty years. During the Revolutionary War, wheat grown on a farm designed by Banneker helped save the fledgling U.

After the War, Banneker took up astronomy: The Almanac won Banneker fame as far away as England and France. He used his reputation to promote social change: He sent a copy of his first Almanac to Thomas Jefferson, with a letter protesting that the man who declared that "all men are created equal" owned slaves.

Jefferson responded with enthusiastic words, but no political reform. He spent his last years as an internationally known polymath: He died on October 25, Today, Banneker does not have the reputation he should, although the entire world could still learn from his words: Despite the popular prejudices of his times, the man was quite unwilling to let his race or his age hinder in any way his thirst for intellectual development.

From the beginning, Banneker, who was taught reading and religion by his grandmother and who attended one of the first integrated schools, showed a great propensity for mathematics and an astounding mechanical ability. Later, when he was forced to leave school to work the family farm, he continued to be an avid reader.

Although he had no previous training, when he was only 22 he invented a wooden clock that kept accurate time throughout his life. He never married and is not known to have had any liaisons with women. In one of his early essays he stated that poverty, disease and violence are more tolerable than the "pungent stings But his grandmother, parents, and sisters were known to be people of considerable Christian dominance, and he always lived under their supervision.

Inhe sold his farm and spent the rest of his life publishing his works on astronomy, mathematics and the abolition of slavery. At the end ofBanneker was publishing his almanac, greatly admired by then-Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson; the almanac was sent to Paris for inclusion at the Academy of Sciences.

Toward the end of his life, he produced a dissertation on bees, a study of locust-plague cycles and more letters on segregationist trends in America. He died at age 75 in Boston in Inthe U. Post Office issued a Black Heritage commemorative stamp in his honor. The definitive biography of Benjamin Banneker is:Benjamin Banneker Essay Examples.

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words. An Essay on Benjamin . Two good biographical studies of Banneker are Martha E. Tyson, A Sketch of the Life of Benjamin Banneker (), and her Banneker: The Afric-American Astronomer, edited by Anne T.

Kirk (). All the available source material has been brought together in Silvio A. Bedini, The Life of Benjamin Banneker (). Provides an introduction to the life and biography of Benjamin Banneker, the African American astronomer and mathematician who helped survey Washington, D.C., and who wrote several successful caninariojana.coms: 1.

An introduction to the life of benjamin banneker

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"Benjamin Banneker's Almanac" contained many useful facts and information Banneker had learned over the years and was a top seller from Pennsylvania to Virginia and even into Kentucky.

It was important because it was one of the first published works (and the first almanac or book of "science") by an African American author.

Dear Benjamin Banneker [Andrea Davis Pinkney, Brian Pinkney] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Throughout his life Banneker was troubled that all blacks were not free. And so, in , he wrote to Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson.

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