An introduction to the life of jane addams a recognized political woman in america

Main entrance to Hull House. Twenty Years at Hull Housep. The run-down mansion had been built by Charles Hull in and needed repairs and upgrading.

An introduction to the life of jane addams a recognized political woman in america

Other great links Childhood: He was in the State Legislature for sixteen years and directed a bank as well as a railroad. Although both parents were very strong willed, neither had appreciation for the small things in life nor the arts. Her mother Sarah Weber Addams was a strong woman and "stern disciplinarian" of her eight children.

She ran the "domestic factor" with the help of a hired hand, which enabled her to prepare meals for flour, saw mill and field workers.

She took charge of the mills when John was away and often helped the neighbors. When Jenny was only three her mother became very ill and died.

Martha, the eldest, took over in raising the family. As a result of not having any siblings her age Jenny was often given her way and disliked greatly being reprimanded.

Although it has been stated that Jenny was pretty, she felt self-conscience about the curve in her spine which as a result, made her feel ugly and crippled.


She became very close to her father, as she was his last link to Sarah, and became extremely fond of him as he was of her. She began to mimic everything he had done from the scarring of her hands that came with milling to reading every book in the village library Jane had "half expected and fully hoped to grow up to be her father" Jane later states that her father was the one who incorporated her into "the moral concerns of life"9.

Jane recalls in her book, Twenty Years at Hull House, which has been seen as autobiographical, her first encounter with poverty.

She remembered asking her father why people lived in awful little houses so close together.

Jane Addams - The subjective necessity for social settlements

Then replied, she would have a large house in the middle of all the terrible small ones Her sister Martha introduced Anna Halderman into the picture when she became interested in the piano where as her father saw it as an "extravagance"9. Martha soon died; Anna and John were brought closer together because of this tragedy resulting in marriage in November of Things around the Addams house soon began to change.

Anna brought sophistication and style into a house that had lacked it prior. Jenny felt left behind, not being her father's pet any longer, but she gained a new playmate, Anna's younger of two sons.Jane Addams was an activist and prolific writer in the American Pragmatist tradition who became a nationally recognized leader of Progressivism in the United States as well as an internationally renowned peace advocate.

Hull-House, which remained Addams’s home for the rest of her life and became the center of an experiment in philanthropy, political action, and social science research, was a .

Day in the life of Jane Addams; Hull House Maps and Papers; Criticism; Jane's work on peace; According to Jane and Ellen, this included an introduction to "high culture" ().

It only made sense that the first addition to the Hull House was the Butler Art Gallery. she was a main concern for the US and labeled the most dangerous woman. Essay about Jane Addams; Jane Addams Jane Addams was a Victorian woman born into a male-dominated society on September 6, in Cedarville, Illinois.

Jane Addams and the Progressive Movement Works Cited Not Included Jane Addams is recognized as a social and political pioneer for women in America.

In her biography, . the subjective necessity for social settlements This important piece exploring the motives of settlement house workers by Jane Addams was first published in and later appeared as chapter six of Twenty Years at Hull House ().

A Useful Woman: The Early Life of Jane Addams. ().

An introduction to the life of jane addams a recognized political woman in america

pp. Elshtain, Jean Bethke. Jane Addams and the Dream of American Democracy: A Life Basic Books: online edition, by a leading conservative scholar; Haldeman-Julius, Marcet.

Jane Addams As I Knew Her. Girard, Kansas: Haldeman-Julius Publications, ca. Marcet was Addams's Nobel Peace Prize ().

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