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Asiatic mindshare ltd

The play is a part of an annual social responsibility program undertaken by Mindshare. The New York based advertising media giant has 32, employees and offices in over countries. Mindshare, one of its eight main agencies, has presence in over 80 countries across continents and employs approximately six thousand professionals.

Like previous years Bangladesh Asiatic Mindshare employees participated in fundraising for the poor, carried out cleanliness activities among much other social work and this year it planned to do something that would have a stronger cultural impact for a worthy cause and societal contribution.

This play was performed to raise awareness about autism, a growing mental health condition in Bangladesh.

Asiatic mindshare ltd

The survey was conducted by experts in relevant fields and they examined 38, children between 16 and 30 months of age last year. The rural prevalence was 14 per 10, whereas 25 children per 10, were diagnosed in the urban areas. While a scarcity of early prevention facilities creates one of the biggest obstacles toward managing this health crisis, the social stigma further exacerbates the situation.

Experts unanimously agree that early intervention is very important. Early intervention — that is identified early, diagnosed early, and having access to activities and therapies that promote their development — gives the best outcome. The story of the play follows protagonists Faria and Arnab, who after a long relationship get married.

A little fussy and perfectionist Faria wants everything to work out flawlessly. A laid back and a little introverted Arnab seems the right fit with her.

The couple is blessed with a child after few years of their marriage. Leaving all pessimism behind everything appears optimistic and normal in their lives with their son Nijhum. But Nijhum while turning four, people start to notice there is something off with the child.

They seek medical help and Nijhum is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, or simply known as autism. As everything turns upside down in the hitherto perfect family of Faria and Arnab, the family fights the hardship of raising an autistic son.

The story progresses with Nijhum getting better with relentless efforts from the parents and the teachers at a specialized school.

The play ends on an impactful note to make a lasting impression on the viewers. Employees of Mindshare and autistic students from Hope Autism Centre acted in the play, which has since been recorded and broadcast by ATN Bangla, which also participated as the media partner for the event.

All the proceeds from the play and the broadcast will be donated to Hope Autism Centre.COMPANY NAME / AGENCY BRAND NAME CAPTION AWARD Best use of Digital Display Advertising Mindshare Nike Make Every Yard Count GOLD Maxus Vodafone India Vodafone Amplify, India's first Social TV BRONZE Performics-TLG India Mavshack Mavshack's Online Premier & BRONZE Pvt Ltd Gurudwara Targeting (Geofencing).

Mindshare was founded on the merger of the media operations of J.

Walter Thompson and Ogilvy & Mather, Mindshare is poised to become the first truly global media company. Asiatic Mindshare Bangladesh Ltd with a unique social awareness initiative has recently staged a play featuring autistic children and the company’s employees.

The play is a part of an annual social responsibility program undertaken by Mindshare. Currently working as Assistant Director at Asiatic Mindshare Ltd. Nadir Hossain Shakil. Senior Manager at The City Bank Ltd. Public profile badge. Include this LinkedIn profile on other websites.

Mushfiqur Rahman. Senior Advisor at Business Advisory Services Center (BASC)Title: Senior Advisor at Business . Mindshare is a global media agency network and the home of adaptive marketing.

Mindshare's 7, employees are driven by the values of speed, teamwork and provocation and are dedicated to delivering competitive advantage for clients in a world where everything /5(). Mindshare has announced a blockchain-focused programmatic alliance that includes MediaMath, Integral Ad Science, Rubicon Project, Zilliqa and Underscore CLT.

The aim of the alliance is to realistically assess the applicability of blockchain technology into .

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