Bird by pablo neruda

I know why the caged bird sings - Poem by Maya Angelou Autoplay next video A free bird leaps on the back Of the wind and floats downstream Till the current ends and dips his wing In the orange suns rays And dares to claim the sky.

Bird by pablo neruda

And it pushes me into certain corners, into some moist houses, into hospitals where the bones fly out the window, into shoeshops that smell like vinegar, and certain streets hideous as cracks in the skin. There are sulphur-colored birds, and hideous intestines hanging over the doors of houses that I hate, and there are false teeth forgotten in a coffeepot, there are mirrors that ought to have wept from shame and terror, there are umbrellas everywhere, and venoms, and umbilical cords.

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I stroll along serenely, with my eyes, my shoes, my rage, forgetting everything, I walk by, going through office buildings and orthopedic shops, and courtyards with washing hanging from the line: He then goes on to point out movie theatres and tailor-shops, both of which concern appearances and illusion.

What Neruda tries to say is that he is worn out, he feels lonely in these appearance- oriented businesses, and he is sick of the man-made world of vanity.

He then refers to a barbershop, which also concerns appearance. He says that he does not want to see any more gardens, stores, or spectacles, all of which are about appearance. Neruda writes about how he does not want to go on living like he has been living. He wants to share his observations without fear or insecurity.

He does not want to be useless. He then refers to how each Monday, he is forced to go back to the job he hates. As Neruda worked for the government, this shows how he could not express his thoughts about the government he worked for.

He creates a dark image of death, and compares every day of his job to death, and then to hell.

Bird by pablo neruda

So, Neruda wants to make everyone aware of their vanity and he would cross God and the government to do it, but he is insecure about sharing his thoughts.

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Under the shadow of a reddish tree it was playing a pretty little humming bird, w cuentos en inglés, Elizabeth Segoviano - Elizabeth Segoviano. The Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to Pablo Neruda "for a poetry that with the action of an elemental force brings alive a continent's destiny and dreams".

Poems awaken the dormant soul in us. We all come at place, where we feel dejected and disenfranchised with this materialistic world, once in our lives. A bird came down the walk: He did not know I saw; He bit an angle-worm in halves And ate the fellow, raw.

And then he drank a dew From a convenient grass.

Bird by pablo neruda
Poem Analysis - Pablo Neruda