Computerized system

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Computerized system

It is as simple as using your phone to scan a barcode or visiting a URL and typing Computerized system what the problem is. We are Computerized system efficient and better able to explain expenditures.

We can track not only our PM cycles but also the costs associated with them.

Computerized system

What is a CMMS? What does CMMS stand for?

Computerized system

CMMS stands for computerized maintenance management system or computerized maintenance management software, which simply means software that is designed to help you organize, plan, track and simplify your maintenance operations.

What is a CMMS used for? CMMS software can be used for many things, however, it is mostly used to help you organize, plan, track and simplify your maintenance operations. This is done by facilitating the tracking of work orders, scheduling of preventive maintenance, receiving external work requests, tracking asset history, manage inventories, and generating reports.

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Work Order Management can become a complicated and unorganized undertaking without the right tools. A cmms system help you organize and track all of your Work Orders. You can see what work needs to be done, who needs to do it, how much time it took, how many parts were used, what invoices were involved and much more.

Additionally, Work Orders can be tied to specific Assets creating data that is valuable when making critical business decisions such as should I replace an asset or continue to run it for another year? The benefits of Preventative Maintenance is a well known fact and is responsible for longer equipment life, less energy consumption, fewer production delays, and much more, however, getting a PM program established and in place can be a daunting task.

A cmms maintenance software will help you perform this by creating a platform where you can automatically schedule work months or even years into the future.

The planned work is automatically generated for the right person with reminders automatically sent out.

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Additionally, all of the PMs are tracked so you know how much time they are taking and if they are being done on time. Without cmms programs, Work Requests happen in a very manual and time extensive way with very little follow up.

Phone calls or emails to the maintenance team take up precious time and effort that is better spent elsewhere. A CMMS system automate this process by allowing anyone within your organization to submit a Work Request that is automatically delivered to the right maintenance team member.

Additionally, when the work is completed the person who requested the work receives notice that it has been completed along with completion notes.

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CMMS systems enable you to track anything you deem valuable for a given asset. Additionally, you can attached manuals, PDFs, serial numbers and any other piece of information you need recorded. This establishes a extensive repository of information for each asset arming with you with necessary information needed for critical business decisions.

CMMS systems allow you to keep a running inventory of critical parts or tools that are needed for your maintenance operations.

Parts are integrated with work orders and preventive maintenance so that your maintenance technicians can easily see if you have the right parts in stock before performing the work. Additionally, you can view how many parts were used within a given time, how many you may need in the upcoming year, and much more.

One of the most powerful aspects of a CMMS is putting your data to work for you. Now that everything is being tracking you can pull reports that answers questions you were never able to answer before. Is the right maintenance work being done? What asset is costing me the most?

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