Dbq essay on british imperialism

They go where they want, the strongest ramparts fall before them.

Dbq essay on british imperialism

British imperialism essay

Racial superiority led Europeans to believe that they can take over the world because tier race and county Is better, thus leading Europeans to assume power over the less sophisticated in terms of industrialization.

However, Abandoning supposed superiority because he comes from Britain, which at the time was thriving with prosperity. This variation of manifest destiny had allowed Americans to think that their race is better than others Document 8.

Therefore, based upon these accounts, imperialism led to a sense of racial supremacy In powerful empires. With the major influences of Europeans during their expansion of imperialism, cultures were being negatively affected.

Dbq essay on british imperialism

In the account of William Benedict, he pondered over whether the practice of sati should be abolished. Of course, since Benedict Is British, he would think that his culture Is more superior than that of the Indians, therefore, he think hat their religion and culture is less important.

The person does not stop this practice of sati because it might endanger the small British Empire In India. What Benedict is doing is Intruding upon Indian culture because of its supposed inferiority. It is important to remark that the writer is not a native or a British citizen, which concludes that this person is unbiased.

The imperialism intrudes upon native culture because much of there is intrudes with British industrialization Document 4. Therefore, imperialism led to the intrusion of inferior cultures.

Imperialism urged many European countries to expand and colonize and conquer many other smaller and weaker empires. They thought other lands were already theirs because they were more powerful than other groups of people, and with this thinking, they claimed land as theirs and expanded Document 3.

Also, he Boers expanded from the Cape of Good Hope because of imperialism.

Dbq essay on british imperialism

The imperialism had started off when the Boers came to the Cape of Good Hope, and from there, began to expand north into other African territory Document 5. As imperialism proceeded in the 19th century, racial supremacy, intrusions of cultures, and the expansion of colonies also rose as well.

Much smaller empire and less superior people were subjected down.

European imperialism dbq

Their cultures, in turn, were mixed and intruded with European culture. Lastly and most obviously, European nations expanded.Watch video · Case study library imperialism dbq us imperialism dbq essay cross referencing chapter in a create of the more.

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