Imaginary animal

In some cases, ancient fossils protruding from the earth may have inspired the ideas behind these mythical monsters. Here are eight types of imaginary creatures once "found" in fossils. The elephant skulls, which can still be found around the area, include a large central nasal cavity where the trunk was once attached, and which could resemble a lone, large eye socket. Giant Humans Wikimedia Commons In Greece, the discovery of massive bones from mammoths, mastodons, and woolly rhinoceroses was seen as confirming the existence of mighty giants and ancestral heroes.

Imaginary animal

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Kindergarten classes, who study the rainforests for Imaginary animal month each spring. However, I should think most would work as well or better with older students.

A certain amount of rainforest knowledge is necessary to really teach these lessons well, but such knowledge is not difficult to come by. In particular it is a good idea to understand the basic 4 levels of the rainforest, and to have a pretty good idea which animals live in which levels.

Imaginary animal

When I work with Jr. Kindergarten I don't worry about keeping New World and Old World animals distinct--I don't mind if our rainforest contains both tigers and jaguars, or both lemurs and sloths, as long as it doesn't contain cheetahs or camels, or other non-rainforest animals.

You might want to be more picky with older students and specify the geographical location of your dramatic jungle. A Tree in Levels I invented this lesson on the spur of the moment once when another lesson ran short and I had extra time.

I have since refined it and it works well. It Imaginary animal designed to teach or review the four levels of the rainforest, and which animals live in which levels. Preparation This part is not really necessary, but it makes the lesson nicer and more formal. Using masking tape or chalk, if your floor will bear itdraw a large outline of a rainforest tree on the floor.

Rainforest Drama Lessons

It should take up as much space as you have. Be sure it has a clearly defined shape, with roots, a trunk, and a canopy shape. Also be sure there is at least a little floor space "above" it. If you want to, you can make lines that divide it into Forest Floor, Understory, Canopy and Emergent Layer, but I usually leave that for the children.

Imaginary animal

Discussion Take as much or as little time as necessary for this. Discuss some of the animals that live in each level. Game One at a time, children get up and announce the animal they have chosen to be. If there is no diagram, simply establish where the bottom is and use your imagination.

Give them help as necessary to choose the right level. Variations With older students, you can make the game more challenging in a couple of ways: Prepare a number of index cards, each with the name of an animal on it.

Students draw cards and must be the animal on the card. In this way, they must figure out which level their animal belongs in, rather than just picking an animal whose level they already know. You could play that they are "out" if they don't end up in the right level after a certain time has elapsed--say 15 seconds.

Repeat until a winner is crowned or until you tire of the game. This one is hard, but fun! Divide the class into small groups. Each student takes a card, and the group must arrange themselves in the "correct" order top to bottom.

Animals from the same level stand next to each other. The catch is that they cannot communicate with each other. Each person must act his or her own animal so well that her or his partners can recognize it, and at the same time must work at recognizing his or her partners' animals, so that they can all move into the appropriate locations relative to each other.

Obviously you don't use an outline on the floor for this, or everyone would just go to the right level of the outline. The point is that they must arrange themselves in order relative to each other. If you want to make this game a competition, try this: When a group believes they have themselves correctly arranged, they shout, "Freeze!

If so, they win.Originating in the mythical tales of ancient Greece, the legend of the centaur has long fascinated mankind. Being part man and part horse, the centaur is stuck between two worlds: that of the wild beast and that of the civilized human being.

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Not only were centaurs part animal, they are also. Animals, both real and fantastic, occupied an important place in medieval art and thought. Artists readily employed animal motifs, along with foliate designs, as part of their decorative vocabulary.

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The park opened on Earth Day, April 22, , and was the fourth theme park built at the resort. First Words for Little Ones Board Book USD$ Curiosity Cabinet of Facts Piece Puzzle USD$ Animal Parade Head to Toe Dominoes USD$ Abyssinians aren't for those who want decorative cats to match the rust-colored carpet, or for those who want cats that enjoy being picked up and cuddled.

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