Memories on wheels

Memories submitted by Peter Turnbull — 6th Class 45 An ex-Roseville student contacted me earlier this week regarding the forthcoming re-union. Amazingly the memories flooded back and I will highlight them, to the best of my memory, as follows: I enrolled at 4 years and 9 months at the kindergarten in and left the school in I remember the school principal was Mr Keogh who often told us about the wonderful Dorrigo on the mid north coast.

Memories on wheels

Likewise the boys, who are all dressed in matching suits. Also did you know that every year when the wakes or fair came to Sawley the horse carousel was always built around the big lamp? As far as I can tell the picture was taken the year of Queen Victoria's Jubilee.

As you can see Thomas is wearing the bowler that Albert made so famous.

Memories on wheels

Also the other children in the photo. The boy in the collar was very possibly the younger brother of another two little girls walking towards the big lamp.

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This would appear to be proven by a further picture that I have seen of two girls in their Sunday best but very obviously home made dresses.

One especially appears to have been made by a woman with the same taste in frills and collars as the boys shirt. Another child is obviously of a poorer family and also his little male friend coming towards him on his left side is no doubt also a friend of the Evans's boys, likewise the young boy in the frilly shirt.

The Evans's lived in the small white house on the right of the picture. This backed on to the Nags Head. Emma was very clever with a needle and thread and I am sure that she made not only the girls dresses but also the boys suits, that is why they are all the same.

My guess is that the photo was taken on a Sunday morning as the roads are so clear and everyone is wearing their best clothes, especially, the girls in white pinafores and Emma wearing a bonnet. Not to mention that the boys were dressed in their best as well. You can visit a website devoted to the achievements of those involved at http: We would love to hear from anyone associated with the shows in any way.

Contact e-mail address is on the site.

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This shows the fruit side window display. My Father, Clarence Henry Stenson, was the manager at the time- in fact he managed the shop until he left in Mac Stenson The most vivid incident in my memory was also the most moving.

It was some time in the summer ofI think, and my brother John, who is two years older than me, decided to walk to Sandiacre as it was a nice sunny morning, to visit some of our cousins. After seeing them we went on to Stapleford and called on another set of cousins then decided to walk over Toton Hill and across the back fields to home.

As we walked down the hill, three German planes came zooming overhead and started dropping bombs. Two or three dropped in the Toton Co-op farm field on our right and when they exploded we were so frightened we just took off running.

I being a sprinter went off like a Greyhound. I looked over my shoulder to see where John was and I was shocked to see him flying through the air into the ditch running alongside the hedge. This galvanised me into taking off again despite the army personnel manning the Ack-Ack guns exhorting me to get inside their bunker.

I didn't stop running until I burst through our kitchen door and collapsed on the settee. My heart was pounding as if it was going to explode and I was crying my eyes out saying that our John had been blown into the hedge bottom by a bomb. My mam belted me across the ear knocking me across the room and said you stupid silly sod, frightening everyone to death.

John had dived into the hedge for safety and the gun crew had taken him into their billet and given him tea and biscuits.

For me that was one moving day In more ways than one. Random memories include being taught the joy of playing with words for fun by Mr MacCracken who ran the beer off in the next street can't remember the name.

Sir Bernard Docker for dandelion and burdock was one of my favourites. On the way home we went through Foxy Fox Covert and whilst playing with the matches managed to set the place ablaze.

We ran like hell and from my bedroom I could see the smoke billowing up from the scene of our crime and as the fire station was just a couple of hundred yards away on Tamworth Road I could also hear the appliances leaving for the blaze.

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I never owned up to this until now but every knock at the door terrified me for weeks after. I later learned from a retained fireman friend of my uncle's that the lads were glad for a bit of overtime. Chris Powell powellcd ntlworld.Hot, Healthy Meals.

Memories on wheels

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Do you have any memories from growing up in Cheslyn Hay that you would like to share.. This page is devoted to Memories. So we are now looking to anyone who has ever lived in Cheslyn Hay to recall some of their memories – . Walthamstow Memories: Emails received in 13 Nov - Personal Memories.

Dear Daniel, My name is Maureen Shanks and I have just had my first book published, which is essentially an auto-biography about my childhood years growing up in Walthamstow during and after WWII.

A. If you were lucky enough to grow up without all the crap of today that sucks our kid’s time and energy– video games, the internet, satellite t.v., then you might remember what it was like to ride your bike all day long with your buddies– crafting makeshift ramps, making up crazy stunts and tricks, and just having a honest-to-goodness blast cruising the streets until Mom called you in.

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