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Pe gcse

Be able to explain how sports injuries are caused 2. To develop an understanding of the different types of sports injuries and how to medically treat them.

What is the purpose of a warm up and what are the stages of a warm up? A warm up before taking part in any form of exercise is essential.

It is called a warm up because the bodies temperature increases when heat is produced as a by product of muscular action. The range of movement is increased, preventing straining or pulling of the muscles. Stages of a Warm Up 1. Pulse raisers Includes activities like light jogging, which will increase the HR and therefore the movement of Oxygen and Glycogen stores to the muscles that need energy.

This also warms the synovial fluid and makes joints more mobile. Stages of a Warm up 2. Stages of a Warm Up 3. Skill Rehearsal Means practice of movement skills through the full range of movement. Actual skills of the game are performed.

These will work the muscles and help with mental preparation. There should be a gradual increase of pace to full speed.Inspire, motivate and give confidence to your students with AQA PE for GCSE.

This reliable and accessible textbook is structured to match the specification exactly and will provide your students with the knowledge they need, while giving them the opportunity to build skills through appropriate activities. n icas & gcse pe a ssessments From September I will be assessing GCSE PE students following the Edexcel syllabus by the criteria below.

As a course director for The 'National Indoor Climbing Achievement Scheme', I highly recommend that students work towards achieveing their NICAS Levels.

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Physical Education. Physical education is all about developing a healthy, active approach to life.

Pe gcse

Whatever the activities involved – from rugby to rhythmic dance, trampolining to table-tennis and hill-walking to the metre sprint – it’s designed to foster enjoyable participation in exercise and training. At GCSE and A-Level, PE involves analysing your own and others' performance while looking for ways it could be improved.

This is a particularly useful skill to have in your career as you'll often have to critique your own work and identify areas for improvement.

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