Project plan

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Project plan


A project plan is a formal document designed to guide the control and execution of a project. A project plan is the key to a successful project and is the most important Project plan that needs to be created when starting any business project.

In IT, the term project plan refers to a a Gantt chart or any other document that displays project activities along a timeline. However, considering these documents alone as a project plan is inaccurate.

These particular documents can be more precisely termed as project schedules, and may be considered only a part of the actual project plan.

A project plan is used for the following purposes: To document and communicate stakeholder products and project expectations To control schedule and delivery To calculate and manage associated risks Techopedia explains Project Plan A project plan answers the following basic questions regarding the project: Why is the project is being sponsored?

PMI – Glossary of Project Management terms

What are the main products or deliverables? How can they be organized? Project initiation requires detailed and vital documentation to track project requirements, functionalities, scheduling and budget.

Poor documentation can lead to disastrous results for all project stakeholders. Formal project plans establish detailed project requirements, including human and financial resources, communications, projected time lines and risk management.

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A project plan is a formal agreement between the project procurer and developer. It documents and ensures mutual project stakeholder approval while assisting management and technical teams with project tracking.The Project Gutenberg website is for human users only.

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Project plan

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