Rewrite akane route walkthrough for zelda

Spoiler Unlock this route by completing Moon, then choose it from the main menu. Several choices, though only one of them gives you multiple options that actually lead to different outcomes.

Rewrite akane route walkthrough for zelda

This walkthrough will not teach you to complete the gallery but most of it will be filled as you go along the story. There are five 5 character routes you need to finish before you can proceed to the main story which is "moon" and "terra".

Story-wise, you need to finish first Kotori Route to be able to access Shizuru route and finish Chihaya route to access Akane Route. So, my personal arrangement of what routes to finish first would be story-wise Lucia, Chihaya, Kotori, Shizuru then Akane.

Anyways, it's up to you on what route you want to go through first. Quests There are 31 Quests in this game!

rewrite akane route walkthrough for zelda

Well how about that! You can obtain "finished" quest by choosing the right choices normally, the name of the quest is the choice. Also some require the use of "Mappie" application from Kotarou's phone.

If you want to finish these quests, don't use 'auto' on mappie. Hover the mouse pointer through the map and find? This would often trigger the quest. Completing the quests entitles you a special reward called "Oppai Ending".

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If the quest is finished, go back to that save and then load it. Click on auto-skip read text so that you'd know when it branches back to the common route.

That way, you can obtain quest finishes without starting all over. Mappie The map Application on Kotarou's phone. This app will help you finish quests and find out more about characters in the game. It points to the place or event you need to click for the story to progress.

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Hover your mouse along the phone's screen and find? Never click the arrow indicating next map unless you are pretty sure you've searched the entire area for?Aug 18,  · The Occult Research Club conducts their own search for Inoue in Kazamatsuri forest, and Kotarou has no idea of what awaits he and his friends.

Akane's route had Shizuru's problem which was a much bigger deal in this route. Not focusing on Akane herself makes her kind of hard to sympathize with.

Friends and Quests: Walkthrough

A real shame because during the common route she was my favorite character by a long shot. If for some reason you do need help, the Routes: Walkthrough section lists what I think are the important choices for each route (and documents how to get all the bad ends). However, unlike most VNs, Rewrite has "Mappie segments", and long lists of Friends, Monsters and Quests (each of which is a tab in the Memory menu) that you can .

Akane's Route is one of the heroine routes in Rewrite, branching off of the common route. It focuses on the character of Akane Senri, her relationship to Kotarou, her connections to Gaia, and the nature of being the Holy Woman. Dec 22,  · Sign in with the following networks. or create a new account Register; Sign in with.

A visual novel developed by Key for the PC. Rewrite is Key's ninth game.

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