Service the main essence of hospitality

Countless seminars, books, and articles have been written on the subject of service.

Service the main essence of hospitality

Cuba — A land that time forgot… Have you ever fantasized what it would be like to be a Band member of the Buena Vista Social Club, take part in an episode of Lost, or go on a wild ride in Dr.

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As soon as one steps off the plane, the sights, sounds and smells of this place will whisk your senses away to a land that time forgot. Being stuck in a track of a vinyl record or a time vortex is what Cuba feels like.

You require a Visa to enter Cuba. Before the plane descends into Havana, the crew will spray the cabin for bugs. They x-ray everything and bags come out 1-by The ride into town is about 30 minutes, and after sunset, some of the streets are pitch black and riddled with pot holes.

They tell me Cuba is a safe place. And they could be right as I never felt threatened while walking the streets late into the night.

Going out for a drink — a Mojito, Daiquiri or Cuba Libre — which one must at least try once when in Havana, can vary in taste from place to place — but the prices are very similar. There is often a disconnect between cost and product.

Service the main essence of hospitality

For water drinkers like me, Aqua Panna and San Pellegrino are readily available, as well as a local spring water. Tap water is not potable. If you seek international fast food fare — forget it.

It does not exist. None of the names populating the high streets across the globe can be found here. Not even a clone. And if you want to use a public toilet even in a restaurantbest to take your own tissues and wet wipes with you and be prepared to tip the Attendant.

However, be prepared to wait in a queue under the hot sun for possibly minutes as they process one by one inside a small shop guarded by a security guard sat on a chair inside a cool room, operating the manual lock. Oh, and did I say, they close for lunch? You may be best to warn your bank card provider that you are going to Cuba to let them unblock the card.

Phone roaming may also be an issue. There are several wonderful watering holes around. Often Hotel lobbies serve drinks and snacks, and they are sometimes accompanied by live music that can be quite outstanding. Prices vary from CUC for a decent smoke.

Taking a ride around the city in a taxi can be quite a treat! Or you can simply hail a yellow cab. Be prepared to negotiate before taking off on your journey.

The vintage cars could be CUC per hour. It would be a shame not to take one of these rides having gone all this way. They are an Instagram dream! · Harraseeket Inn: The Essence of Maine Hospitality - See 1, traveller reviews, candid photos, and great deals for Harraseeket Inn at Thus, the rightful place of hospitality within a higher education framework is affirmed, as is emphasis on the partnership status of liberal and vocational education as the essence of what is understood to represent a university-level intellectual experience.

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This essence is aptly captured by Whitehead (,  · Commercial hospitality as a business model in the independent hotel company usual environment for any main purpose (business, leisure or recreation etc.) and uses the services of the hotel or restaurant, becoming a major participant of the hospitality business – guest (in case of a hotel) or consumer (in the case of a restaurant)  · This study examines the distinct characteristics of the hospitality industry through use of personal interviews with general managers of leading hotels, and focus groups among hospitality Customer service is the essence of the hospitality industry.

Excellent customer service is vitally important in the hospitality industry. It’s the first point of contact, between for example, the hotel guest and the representative of the hotel.

Simply put, service in the hospitality industry is the level of assistance provided by a hotel staff to facilitate the purchase by the client. It also encompasses a raft of efforts hotels makes to achieve pleasant customer experience for guests.

Service the main essence of hospitality
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