Sustainable development research paper

Sustainable development The name sustainability is derived from the Latin sustinere tenere, to hold; sub, under. Sustain can mean "maintain", "support", or "endure".

Sustainable development research paper

Overseeing Agenda 2030—How to Avoid a Repeat of the Commission on Sustainable Development

Within the discourse of sustainable development, the issue of rural poverty and environmental degradation is often related to rural communities who depend upon the use direct or indirect of their natural resources as their income source.

In fact, there are numerous case studies in which the symbiotic relationship that once coexisted between humans and nature that indigenous groups used to live with, no longer exists. Currently the challenge lies in improving livelihoods through economic alternatives that also maintain the natural resources for current and future generations.

Participating communities need to be involved in defining what they want to achieve, otherwise motivation, more often than not, will decline, preventing their capacity to Sustainable development research paper self-sufficiency.

In addition, it is a good approach to assisting in the process of raising economic development, increasing awareness of natural resource-dependency and capacity-building on a group level. Jean MacNiff and Jack Whithead posit that the aim of action research is to improve social or personal situations, rather than just understand and propose theories about the causes of the external situation.

Action learning in social enterprises as a tool for the poverty alleviation issue In the search of economic opportunities for rural communities, the launch of entrepreneurial activities managed by families or the community is frequently found.

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This kind of social enterprise has been created in areas, such as forestry, small scale agricultural activities and handicrafts. Social enterprises have been developed through action learning rather than action research. The main findings of case studies based on action learning show that the creation of social enterprises is not, alone, the solution to alleviating poverty.

Rather, the participatory collaboration method helps development in local communities through capacity-building as an empowering process. This leads participants to increase control over their lives by nurturing community strengths and problem-solving abilities.

Sustainable development research paper

Furthermore, in relation to environmental management, community enterprises can improve the conservation of some types of areas.

On the other hand, it has also found that both natural conservation enterprises and social enterprises need the support of business and market specialists, as small producers also need to address a gap in knowledge of consumer markets and business management. This is an important element for creating a good collective awareness.

Moreover, one factor that is often addressed by action research literature is a cooperative context within which individuals have sufficient security to speak and interact. On this point, Cynthia J. Chataway argues that often in native groups, people protect themselves from making public contributions to the research by participating privately, hence a continuing process of consensus is needed in all stages.

In the case of Indigenous communities, practices as well as decision-making processes are influenced by their cultural and social context. Then, the extent to which externals might interfere with such a cultural context within the community must be considered.

With reference to this argument, Stringer and Chataway say that community members should be the ones who determine the nature and operation of the things that affect their lives; as the decision-making process has to do with a greater sense of community and clarity about their cultural identity.

Therefore, both authors suggest that the role of the researchers and externals is to join community voices and allow them to be heard for them more clearly than in the past. Limitations of action research in community development As already stated, PAR has several strengths regarding community development, but it is also important to be aware that, as with any other processes, limitations might be found.

For example, in indigenous or rural groups, power structures might cause difficulties such as extending the time of development and implementation of initiatives and community projects. It is also important to highlight that it is frequent that groups working with PAR change the expected outcome of the research, as a result of the reflection process embedded in PAR.

They might find out that what was considered as the main problem is just the result of some other issue that need to be tackled first. It must be taken into account that each community is different and that each process will differ from others.Sustainable Development and Government research papers discuss this new concept that is being widely used by the government and many organizations around the world.

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