The stereotype of facial washes in media advertisements

By Leonie Roderick 18 Jul The industry body has released a report today 18 Julywhich explores whether current regulation is doing enough to address the potential for harm arising from gender stereotypes in ads. While we are broadly getting it right, there is more we can do in certain areas, especially people being mocked for not confirming to gender roles. The ASA will then administer and enforce those standards.

The stereotype of facial washes in media advertisements

The stereotype of facial washes in media advertisements

However, because of the stereotype that the society perceives, advertisements portray men and women in a particular frame. Currently, in this modern society, many advertisements have shaped men and women differently based on different types of products, yet this have created gender stereotypes to our society as well.

Although some products are for both males and females, some are usually restricted in one gender in the commercial advertisements. For instance, as you can see the advertisement below, it is a Nivea body lotion advertisement that shows an image that a good-looking woman enjoys putting on the body lotion on her legs.

The advertisement is trying to express that you have a silky smooth skin like her by using their product. It is very typical for the body lotion advertisement with a beautiful woman because lotion attracts to more women rather than men.

Therefore, even though men can use body lotion as well, most of the businesses create this stereotype to attract the women markets better.

In addition, the advertisement is influenced by the social norms to commodify the body shape of women. A skinny, healthy, sexy body is more appeal to customers because those adjectives are perceived as beauty in our society.

The stereotype of facial washes in media advertisements

Therefore, those female models usually have those beautiful elements to attract more attentions. In the Nivea men shower gel advertisement, Nivea creates an image that the woman is submissive while the man is more dominant. From the intimate behavior between female and male models, the advertisement is expressing the message that by having this product, men will be more attractive for women.

Furthermore, Nivea uses well-shaped and sexy models to impress male consumers. Another advertisement that reflects the gender stereotype problems is an advertisement on cleaning product.

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As the advertisement shown, it emphasizes feminism to give the impression that the housewives can be very powerful by using their products to clean the floor.

The advertisement has created the gender stereotype because the society perceives that women should do the housework instead of men. Therefore, the business portrays the housewife as a powerful woman and tie closely with their cleaning product. The portrayals of women and men are especially different.

As shown in the advertisements previously, it is interesting to notice that women is the majority of the advertising market. Even if the products are targeting on men only.

Overall, those commercial advertisements are trying to portray certain groups based on what products they are selling and what messages they are delivering to the consumers to make advertisements more appeal to the public.Oct 27,  · Author Topic: Stereotype, media hype? (Read times) duchamp.

Administrator; allowing the person who holds the stereotype to prepare themselves for a particular situation.


Of course, a problem arises when stereotypes are negative representations and this is where the media comes in. The majority of stereotypes . Face washes made for oily skin should work the same for combination skin, so choose an oil-free cleanser that washes away excess oil and has a low pH level.

Additionally, you may want to avoid facial washes that contain fragrances and other chemicals (such as phthalates) as they can irritate your skin. Stereotypes in Media. Not all stereotyping is bad.

Stereotyping arises out of the need to generalize in order to make sense out of a very complicated environment. An ad that features a man trying and failing to undertake simple parental or household tasks. There are also further plans to look at other gender stereotypes, specifically how it intersects with race and the LGBT+ community.

But it is unclear if the ASA will be conducting research . Girls’ Generation Seohyun Seohyun applies a thin layer of facial oil right after she washes her face to trap moisture – but not enough to damage and clog pores.

6. TWICE Tzuyu Tzuyu layers multiple face masks over her face “Phantom of the Opera” style in order to reap benefits from multiple kinds of masks.

At Face Value: Issues with Stereotypes By Ann Jadin. In this learning activity, learners will reflect on the meaning and impact of stereotypes in both .

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