Write a multi-user chat server and client in java

Java Socket Programming Examples Although most programmers probably do network programming using a nice library with high-level application protocol such as HTTP support built-in, it's still useful to have an understanding of how to code at the socket level. Here are a few complete examples you can compile and run. Overview We will look at four network applications, written completely from scratch in Java.

Write a multi-user chat server and client in java

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All of them will work with x11vnc except x2x where it is not needed. Connection reset by peer Is the default visual of the X display you run x11vnc on low color e. There seems to be a bug in Win2VNC in that it cannot deal correctly with colormaps PseudoColor is the most common example of a visual with a colormap.

If so, there are a couple options. In this case, the option provides a convenient workaround for the Win2VNC bug: Since Win2VNC does not use the framebuffer data there should be no problems in doing this. There may be a trick or two you'll need to do to get the Clipboard exchange between the machines to work.

The X display I run x11vnc on is only 8 bits per pixel bpp PseudoColor i. The x11vnc colors may start out OK, but after a while they are incorrect in certain windows. Use the -flashcmap option to have x11vnc watch for changes in the colormap, and propagate those changes back to connected clients.

This can be slow since the whole screen must be updated over the network whenever the colormap changes. This flashing colormap behavior often happens if an application installs its own private colormap when the mouse is in its window.

Consider reconfiguring the system to 16 bpp or depth 24 TrueColor if at all possible. Everything is dynamically transformed to depth 24 at 32 bpp using the colormaps. There may be painting errors however see the following FAQ for tips on reducing and correcting them.

In some rare cases SCO unixware the -notruecolor option has corrected colors on 8bpp displays. The red, green, and blue masks were non-zero in 8bpp PseudoColor on an obscure setup, and this option corrected the problems. Why are the colors for some windows incorrect in x11vnc?

You may want to review the previous question regarding 8 bpp PseudoColor. On other hardware the less robust -8to24 option may help also discussed below. Run xdpyinfo 1 to see what the default visual is and what the depths of the other visuals are. Does the default visual have a depth of 8 but there are other visuals of depth 24?

If it does, can you possibly re-configure your X server to make a depth 24 visual the default? If you can do it, this will save you a lot of grief WRT colors and x11vnc and for general usage too!

See the -dev section of the Xsun 1 manpage for a description of the above arguments. If you have root permission, a more permanent and convenient thing to do is to record the arguments in a line like: Also look at the fbconfig 1 and related manpages e.

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In general for non-Sun machines, look at the "-cc class" and related options in your X server manpage perhaps Xserver 1it may allow modifying the default visual e.

On XFree86 some video card drivers e. Matrox mga have settings like Option "Overlay" "24,8" to support multi-depth overlays. For these, use the "-cc 4" X server command line option to get a depth 24 default visual. This is useful for Legacy applications older versions of Cadence CAD apps are mentioned by x11vnc users that require the default depth be 8bpp, or the app will use a 8bpp visual even if depth 24 visuals are available, and so the default depth workaround described in the previous paragraph is not sufficient for these apps.

Until then see the -8to24 mode below. An amusing by-product of -overlay mode is that the mouse cursor shape is correct! The -overlay mode may be somewhat slower than normal mode due to the extra framebuffer manipulations that must be performed.Jan 24,  · Bon voila l'application chat entre le client et le serveur coder en java (ENGLISH DOWN) Dans cette video, je montrais une application de chat qui peut gérer plusieurs utilisateurs en même temps.


I am beginner in Java programming. I am trying to build a chat server in which there will be 1 server and multiple clients(at present there are only 2 clients).

Logic: Say there are 2 clients A and B. When A sends a message to B, the message must be first processed by the server and then passed to B and vice versa. Prerequisites: Introducing threads in socket programming, Multi-threaded chat Application | Set 1.

This article gives the implementation of client program for the multi-threaded chat application. Till now all examples in socket programming assume that client first sends some information and then server or other clients responds to that information.

I'm about to finish coding a chat server a few days ago. I can send you code if you like.

write a multi-user chat server and client in java

Send e-mail to [email protected] The source code is free. Feb 19,  · Client Server Program In Java Using Sockets, Using sockets for communication between the client and the server Python course link: caninariojana.com The aim of this project is to develop desktop chat application incorporated with java multi threaded client-server program which would allow users to communicated private and public way and share resources while chatting and archive communicated messages.

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